The Benefits of Smaller, Boutique Care Homes

There are a lot of different types of care available, and even more kinds of care homes, all specialising in varied aspects of responsibilities and attention.

One type of care home that can be hugely beneficial to residents is the boutique care home. It is different from other care homes, like nursing and residential, simply because it’s smaller and provides a more personalised environment. But why should you consider a boutique care home for your loved one and what benefits do they have over the other types of care available?

They are warm and comfortable

Boutique care homes are cosy looking buildings that resemble the atmosphere provided for the residents within. They offer a warm and comfortable environment, that feels like a home from home, to replicate the familiar setting residents would experience at their own house.

Boutique is beautiful

Boutique care homes are small in scale, so can be found subtly in beautiful buildings all around the UK. For example, our Silver Oaks boutique care home is small in size, but big on uniqueness and beauty. It’s situated in a stunning Grade II listed thatched home, beside an enchanting forest.

Facilities are in and out

Boutique care homes have everything carers need to take care of their residents, but also have facilities and local shops nearby so those that live at the home can access them too. It’s vital that a care home feels like the resident’s normal living space, rather than a building cut off from the rest of the world. That’s why Silver Oaks has a quiet room, a TV lounge, a dining room and a beautiful garden, which are all aspects of a home.

Attention is provided, when required

Unlike a traditional or residential care home, at boutique care homes there are no set regimes or times to get up. These restraints can be taxing on an individual and make their environment feel more like a militant operation, than a home. For example,residents at Silver Oaks can wake up when they want and live their daily routine as they choose to. Support is available if required, but independence can be a great help to those residing in care.

Personalised care

However, if someone does require attention and assistance, staff are trained and prepared to help.Boutique care homes are smaller, so every resident gets the personalised and right care for them. This gives both residents and families peace of mind, and great quality care.

Mental health

Mental health is at the forefront of boutique care; it’s not just physical care that’s important at Silver Oaks. For example, we go above and beyond to make sure our residents do things for themselves for as long as possible. Independence promotes a healthy mindset and can make Silver Oaks feel more like a resident’s everyday life at home.


Boutique care homes tend to have a lot of unique and fun activities going on too! From walks around the garden, to having fluffy creatures come and visit, to seaside trips or even just long talks. At Silver Oaks, we try our best to make daily life enjoyable and strive for our residents to feel fulfilled at the end of every day.




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