What Makes a Good Care Home?

Whether you’re choosing a care home for yourself, or you’re a relative wanting to help your loved one find the perfect place, there are a lot of factors to consider.

You want to find the best possible care home for you or your loved one to reside in, so here’s what you should be looking for when searching for a good care home:


The care home itself has to be safe. This means that anything in the home, like equipment and furniture, should all be well maintained and kept up to date. The owners of the care home, or those that manage it, should always be looking at new ways to improve safety.

Residents should feel that they, and their belongings, are being taken care of.


The home should be kept spotless. Cleanliness and hygiene are vital in the residents day-to-daycare because of the infections and illnesses bacteria and dirt can cause.


Nutrition should beat the forefront of catering at a good care home. The food options provided should be both tasty and varied for the residents’ individual dietary needs.Staff should not only be effective at giving residents the right medicine, but also the right food too.

A good care home will listen to the residents’feedback, especially on food and the conditions at the home. If the reviews aren’t good, members of the team should be effective and change the unsuitable aspects of the home accordingly.

A Properly Trained and Caring Team

A large part of any care home is the team that are responsible for the residents’ day to day life.They should be caring and responsive. Those who work there should be specialised in helping residents with certain conditions, especially if there’s an individual that has a disease or medical issue that needs daily attention.

The team members should all be trained to deal with accidents and problems quickly. If another resident is harassing another, the staff should be able to resolve the incident as soon as possible. No resident wants to live in a care home where they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.


A good care home will create an excellent quality of life for the residents. Morale should always be upbeat and positive. There should always be activities available to the residents to make their life at the care home more enjoyable. Activities could include a quick chat, a walk around in the garden or even a trip to these aside.

Mental Needs

Mental needs also need to be taken care of. A really good care home will offer freedom and flexibility in a residents’ daily life. Care homes should feel like a home away from home. That’s why at Silver Oaks, we’ve kept our home small,so each resident can be provided with individual and personal care. There is also no set regime, so residents can get up when they want and go about their day how they normally would at home.Bespoke care plays an important part in a good care home.




A Day in the Life of a Carer at Silver Oaks

A day in life of a carer at Silver Oaks is never easy but is always rewarding. Our carers put our residents’ health and happiness at the forefront of their working day. Two days working at our boutique care home are never the same.

We spoke to our carers about what their life is like working at Silver Oaks, and what their day looks like from the minute they begin, to the second they finish up for the night.

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Care during the Colder Season

At Silver Oaks, we understand that our boutique, care home is our residents’ home too and we make every effort to ensure your loved ones are looked after and made to feel at home.

This is especially important during the winter season, when the temperature drops and the environment outside gets a lot harsher.

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The Benefits of Smaller, Boutique Care Homes

There are a lot of different types of care available, and even more kinds of care homes, all specialising in varied aspects of responsibilities and attention.

One type of care home that can be hugely beneficial to residents is the boutique care home. different from other care homes, like nursing and residential, simply because it’s smaller and provides a more personalised environment. But why should you consider a boutique care home for your loved one and what benefits do they have over the other types of care available.

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What Type of Care Home is Right for Your Loved One?

Finding the right care home for your loved ones can be a daunting and lengthy process. There are lots of different types of care for you to consider before you take your first steps into the world of care homes.

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Silver Oaks Annual Garden Party 2018

Everyone is welcome to join us in our beautiful garden on Saturday 4th August. There will be live entertainment, including a theatre production, local craft stalls, games, hot food, raffle, tombola, drinks and delicious homemade cakes. We will be collecting for a chosen charity TBC.

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